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Thanks, everyone!

...for being part of the amazing adventure in 2014. We would never have won this award without you.

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Over one weekend

In 2014, 170 high school students worked with 130 scientists, teachers, and support crew to discover and document species in the Nina Valley.

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Students & Teachers

We anticipate the next EcoBlitz will be in 2018. teachers, please contact us if you would like to register your school's interest.

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Your passion for you work and willingness to share your knowledge with so many young people made this remarkable event a reality in 2014.

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Latest News

Welcome back everyone! Check the latest news and updates on our Facebook page.

This weekend (in 2014) was a huge gift from the scientific community (and the organisers!) to the students and to the teachers in terms of the inspiration to pursue science and conservation. My daughter's view last week was, 'I hate science' and last night it was 'I'm really interested in, this...' and 'did you know, that...' and 'everyone was so nice and friendly'. Thanks for letting us play our small part in the weekend." - Andrew H.