Cunt Wars: Desktop App

Are you looking for a way to increase your battle strategy, while also getting off, then let me tell you about Cunt Wars? The game takes place in a magical world where hot women want to have sex with anything that moves. Ok that’s not the actual story, but it’s an accurate description. The game is a lot of fun and it’s so easy to get sucked into playing it for hours.
This game actually has two available versions. The first is a normal online, the one I’m talking about here is the downloadable version. This differs in a few ways, one of them being that you can actually chat with other people that are playing the game at the same time, swapping tricks, telling stories, or just talking shit. There’s so much to unpack here, so let’s take a look at some of the game’s aspects.


So, I have no idea what the story is. Like you have a character that’s going through and fighting a bunch of monsters. Like the first thing you hear the hero say is he wants a hand job. It mostly just seems like he’s a dude trying to take over the kingdom. I’m sure if I played to the end of the game, there would be more information on his back story, but really, I love a good game where you’re just messing up people’s lives. Also, I love any game that involves a nobody climbing their way to power in a war-torn kingdom. It’s poetic sounding, isn’t it?


You know what I’ve noticed? Most hentai games involve having a deck of cards where you collect women who lose their clothes as they get more powerful. Don’t worry though, Cunt Wars has male characters too. In their cards you get to see them having sex with beautiful women who also lose their clothes as they power up. Here’s the thing. The characters in the cards are actually really inventive and no other mythical based hentai game that I’ve played have included some monsters in there as well. Like Nagas.
This is all a fighting game. Typically, you place your fighter, the people in your deck of cards, and they then move.

Basically, there’s two parts of the fighting. You fight other people around the world in order to advance through the leagues. What’s interesting is rather than moving up through the league from level 1 to level two and so on, you actually move up from level 30 to level 29 and so forth. It’s really easy to move up through the ranks and you get all sorts of prizes for getting to a new rank.

That’s the first part. The second part is the actual conquering of the journey that you go on to advance the story. In these fights, you are fighting against computers, but not let that fool you into thinking that it’s going to be easier. Some enemies can’t be fought until you have reached certain league levels, which is actually interesting.
Because you have to advance through the leagues in order to fight certain bosses, you’re able to upgrade/seduce the women in your guild. Thus, making you more powerful. This game wants you to win, but it won’t make it easy.

As always there’s chests that you can get that give you extra cards, gems, gold, etc.
In short, if you’re a good strategist and you enjoy seeing naked women/being rewarded, you absolutely need to play this game.


So, the graphics a bit all over the place, which should be really super off putting, but it’s actually really cool. The graphics in the battles themselves are very similar to vintage video games with the characters only moving when it’s their turn to be attacked or if they die. I love the fact that they all have different variations of the same move.

The other style that we have is in the cards. They are incredibly detailed, and I love the imagination that actually that went into all the different types. I know I was complaining about it earlier, but I do like the design with women. The cards are beautiful, and I cannot give them enough praise for being enough so creative in their creation of several female characters.

Also, if you lose a battle, you actually see your character chained up, beaten and bloodied, and forced to submit.


Ok let’s talk about free games. The first thing that we all think when we start a new free game is “What are they going to sell to me?” Cunt Wars is the same way, but it’s pretty cheap overall.
While the game is primarily free to play, you do have the chance to purchase gold pieces and green gems in the store. Gems hold more value than gold, you can purchase advantages and other items. Even though you don’t have to buy anything, as it is very easy for you to earn what you need, there’s plenty of daily deals that the store offers! Dropping a few dollars every now and then for massive amounts of gold and gems is easy and always rewarding.


The music in this game is freaking lit. Like it makes me want to get a sword and go running into the forest. It’s a beautiful blend of windpipes, pianos, and drums that makes you just want to punch someone in the face.
I might be exaggerating a little bit, but seriously the music in this game is incredible. Definitely some of the best. There’s some voice acting but not really that much. Grunts, cries of pain, things like that.


The hentai is some of the best that I’ve seen. One thing that I noticed, and maybe I didn’t see it the first time, but there were more animations in the hentai scene in the desk top app as compared to the website version. Nothing super intense, just seeing the girls give you a blowjob and fucking them. The girls are hot and it’s super easy to upgrade them and get them naked. Overall, it’s really good hentai.


I love this game. Everything is perfectly balanced, and I love that there’s not this massive push to buy extra materials. If you want to spend money on it, then it’s not that big of an issue. They have affordable options for you and just like most games there’s always a sale/deal going on to make it even cheaper. It’s a fun game and I love the overall game play. It’s a lot of fun and inventive. There’s plenty of fun extra stuff that you can do.
I think that it’s an inventive game and I really enjoy the lay out. It’s such an easy to follow game. I also really love the fact you get to play with other people. I think that when you play against computers all the time, you forget about spontaneous moves/ desperation to win. It makes you think on your toes and it makes winning all that more satisfying. Especially when you see a hot girl getting nailed.
Build your guild today and begin your conquest to take over the kingdom.

Role games

The desire for diversity is an absolutely normal human need: new tastes, new smells, new places and acquaintances and, of course, new sexual sensations. The desire to try all the existing pleasures and to discover all the possibilities of the body is not an attempt to betray the beloved person, but a natural desire to make the intimate life brighter and more interesting. So, do not give up experiments and innovations! An effective and very pleasant way to turn ordinary and familiar gestures into fireworks of passions and pleasures is a role-playing game. 

Role games are a kind of sexual intimacy, in which each participant tries on someone’s role. The image that excites him and the partner, which excites the imagination and allows you to go beyond the ordinary. Such reincarnation makes it possible to become someone you are not in real life, and to behave like you can hardly decide. A role-playing game is a small but very rich life in which everything is as you dream. Dresses, entourage, relationships all this you create with your partner at will. 
The choice of role-playing games is really huge, because here every erotic fantasy comes true. Among the many varieties, there are three large groups that combine specific games and images. 

1. Dressing games sets include outfits to create frivolous and entertaining erotic images. A wolf and a red cap, a patient and a nurse, a schoolgirl and a strict teacher become someone else You can at least every day! 
2. Sado-maso games the same disguises, but with a touch of aggression. In these games, everything is based on the dominance of one and the subordination of the other. Leather, latex, black and red color can raise the degree of heat of passion to the boiling point. 
3. BDSM games for those who love harder and hotter. Here there is little attention to the outfits, but much to the paraphernalia. Accessories, toys, shoes  have not to be bored!

Sex in a bath

Sex in a bath or a shower is a new experience, new sensations and, of course, a pleasant variety in the intimate life of partners. In the bath or the shower you can start with an unforgettable love foreplay and move on to more active activities. However, one should not forget that there are some rules for making sex in the water pleasant and without injury.

 The best poses for sex

  1. “Hostage”. The girl stands with her back to the man and can take her hands back, clasping his neck. In this position, the G point of the girl is well stimulated. Pose is stable and comfortable. The man will be comfortable to caress the breasts of the girl and the clitoris. The minus of this position – if the partners are of different sizes, this will cause inconvenience.
  2. “Hostage +”. The same position as the “hostage”, but the girl leans on one foot, lifting it, on the side of the tub. This position is more convenient for penetration and generally more stable.
  3. “Shest”. Pose where partners face to face. Its advantages are that a man will see a woman, it is easy to stimulate a clitoris. However, the pose is inconvenient because the penetration into the girl will not be very deep, and she will have to jump slightly at the man before that.

     We recommend not to forget these simple rules during intimate games in the bath and shower – so the partners will get much more fun and pleasant memories. Do not forget also that there are many different sex toys for stimulating both men and women that can be used in water. Also you can buy special shower gels or aromatic products with pheromones, so that the joint bathing was absolutely incredible – in this case, the partners can provide themselves with an amazing love foreplay in the bath and shower, and then continue in more comfortable conditions in bed.

Sex in the morning is good for your body

There are so many benefits of sex in the morning that you may hear from professional sexologists, psychotherapists, and fans of morning sex. They say that those who want remain beautiful and healthy for a long time should have sex every morning. For a relationship between a man and a woman, this is just a plus. The benefits of morning sex below should not be taken as evidence without proof, but it is not harmful to think about them.

Morning sex is extremely useful for male-female relationships.

They can completely replace the morning gymnastics. During sex, all muscle of the human body is involved. Sexual gymnastics is easy to learn because it does not require additional study – this is what everyone can.

Morning sex is an excellent massage for all internal organs and training for all systems of your body.

Blood circulation improves, breathing activates, which is a good start of the day for the respiratory system. It reduces the risk of heart disease twice and helps to normalize blood pressure. Studies have shown that morning sex helps against migraines. That is why both the man and the woman can improve their health in the morning.

Women who prefer morning sex are less likely to suffer from depression. And men who choose sex in the morning are less sensitive to stress. For relationships between them, this is definitely just a plus!

Hormonal plus.

Testosterone in the blood of men reaches its maximum concentration from 7-00 to 8-00 am. Biorhythms of sexual desire in men and women coincide completely twice a day – at 8 o’clock in the morning and at 8 o’clock in the evening. In these hours, male and female libido reach the same maximum. This is the best time for sexual contact, as the organisms of both partners burn because of energy. Toward the beginning of the day, a man and a woman are loaded with quality and energy, so the sex might be more extraordinary and better than at night. Morning sex gives a charge of energy for the entire day. Endorphins get delivered amid sex. Also, these are the hormones of joy!

Sex on a first date

At the starting, I need to state you it is alluring to not to have it on the primary date! Just on the off chance that you have a sudden passion, you are not gone serious relationships with this young person, and you realize that your reputation would not be ruined. Keep in mind, for woman reputation is important!

Men are confident that if you are practicing sex on the first date, then you do it always and with everyone! The effect of the first impression will be bad. It is better not to provoke such a situation on the first date.

Have sex only for your pleasure

Do not use it to capture the man’s attention, change the relationship to a new level, or get pregnant so that he gets married. Do not go for it simply because he asks you; be able to speak the magic word “no”!

Always think over the questions like “What do I really want?”, “What is my desire for closeness?” Never have sex only because you do not want to lose a man.  This is the shortest way to break up, especially on the first date. Men feel your fears, your dependency, and his power on you and stop being interested in you.

Sex must be practiced if you feel a great desire. When there is a strong desire and it is impossible to restrain sexual energy, it must be used for peaceful purposes. At the very least, you will get pleasure and perhaps the best sex in your life. And who knows, maybe it will be unforgettable for your partner as well.

Better later than too early.

You don’t have to check the number of dates after which you can engage in sexual relations. Remember that people are distinctive in their comprehension of sex. Women understand it as the beginning of serious relationships, but men understand it as a logical completion of courtship. And if he did not have enough time to fall in love in you, then most likely it will be difficult for you to maintain the necessary interest to yourself.

The best unusual places to do sex

Where else can you do sex, if it seems to you that you have tried everything? Sex is worth doing it even more often. It becomes more desirable in unusual places.

So, what are the unusual places for sex?

Sex in the hospital

If you are sick, then why not to have sex right in the hospital? Moreover, doctors, in general, should know that sex has a positive effect on health. If doctors do not like it then there are many other hospitals and other unusual places where you can have sex.

Sex in a boat

This unusual place for sex is presented as a counterbalance to sex on a yacht. The yacht, of course, is luxurious, but sex in a simple wooden boat is also very romantic. Just take care in advance to avoid falling overboard.

Sex in front of the open window

Maybe you want to have sex when there is a chance that people may see you. But not on the street – because if you get caught, you will have to pay a fine. So, do it in front of the open window. It would be better to do it not at home, but and somewhere in the hotel.

Sex on the job

Sex in the office is one of the most popular fantasies for both men and women. Scattered documents, thrown jacket, broken phone, and you love each other. Beautiful, is not it?

Sex in a car

What? Public place? Yes, but if the car is toned, and you do not make too loud sounds, then nobody knows about it.

Sex on a wedding

At your own wedding is very common, but on someone else’s it is even very unusual. Dances, drinks, and good mood – what else do you need for a night of love?

Sex in the toilet

If you decide on this, then first you have to find out where this toilet is. If it is clean and luxurious, with the floors laid out with red tile and with mirrored walls then it is a good place to have sex.