Sex in a bath

Sex in a bath or a shower is a new experience, new sensations and, of course, a pleasant variety in the intimate life of partners. In the bath or the shower you can start with an unforgettable love foreplay and move on to more active activities. However, one should not forget that there are some rules for making sex in the water pleasant and without injury.

 The best poses for sex

  1. “Hostage”. The girl stands with her back to the man and can take her hands back, clasping his neck. In this position, the G point of the girl is well stimulated. Pose is stable and comfortable. The man will be comfortable to caress the breasts of the girl and the clitoris. The minus of this position – if the partners are of different sizes, this will cause inconvenience.
  2. “Hostage +”. The same position as the “hostage”, but the girl leans on one foot, lifting it, on the side of the tub. This position is more convenient for penetration and generally more stable.
  3. “Shest”. Pose where partners face to face. Its advantages are that a man will see a woman, it is easy to stimulate a clitoris. However, the pose is inconvenient because the penetration into the girl will not be very deep, and she will have to jump slightly at the man before that.

     We recommend not to forget these simple rules during intimate games in the bath and shower – so the partners will get much more fun and pleasant memories. Do not forget also that there are many different sex toys for stimulating both men and women that can be used in water. Also you can buy special shower gels or aromatic products with pheromones, so that the joint bathing was absolutely incredible – in this case, the partners can provide themselves with an amazing love foreplay in the bath and shower, and then continue in more comfortable conditions in bed.