Sex on a first date

At the starting, I need to state you it is alluring to not to have it on the primary date! Just on the off chance that you have a sudden passion, you are not gone serious relationships with this young person, and you realize that your reputation would not be ruined. Keep in mind, for woman reputation is important!

Men are confident that if you are practicing sex on the first date, then you do it always and with everyone! The effect of the first impression will be bad. It is better not to provoke such a situation on the first date.

Have sex only for your pleasure

Do not use it to capture the man’s attention, change the relationship to a new level, or get pregnant so that he gets married. Do not go for it simply because he asks you; be able to speak the magic word “no”!

Always think over the questions like “What do I really want?”, “What is my desire for closeness?” Never have sex only because you do not want to lose a man.  This is the shortest way to break up, especially on the first date. Men feel your fears, your dependency, and his power on you and stop being interested in you.

Sex must be practiced if you feel a great desire. When there is a strong desire and it is impossible to restrain sexual energy, it must be used for peaceful purposes. At the very least, you will get pleasure and perhaps the best sex in your life. And who knows, maybe it will be unforgettable for your partner as well.

Better later than too early.

You don’t have to check the number of dates after which you can engage in sexual relations. Remember that people are distinctive in their comprehension of sex. Women understand it as the beginning of serious relationships, but men understand it as a logical completion of courtship. And if he did not have enough time to fall in love in you, then most likely it will be difficult for you to maintain the necessary interest to yourself.