Sex in the morning is good for your body

There are so many benefits of sex in the morning that you may hear from professional sexologists, psychotherapists, and fans of morning sex. They say that those who want remain beautiful and healthy for a long time should have sex every morning. For a relationship between a man and a woman, this is just a plus. The benefits of morning sex below should not be taken as evidence without proof, but it is not harmful to think about them.

Morning sex is extremely useful for male-female relationships.

They can completely replace the morning gymnastics. During sex, all muscle of the human body is involved. Sexual gymnastics is easy to learn because it does not require additional study – this is what everyone can.

Morning sex is an excellent massage for all internal organs and training for all systems of your body.

Blood circulation improves, breathing activates, which is a good start of the day for the respiratory system. It reduces the risk of heart disease twice and helps to normalize blood pressure. Studies have shown that morning sex helps against migraines. That is why both the man and the woman can improve their health in the morning.

Women who prefer morning sex are less likely to suffer from depression. And men who choose sex in the morning are less sensitive to stress. For relationships between them, this is definitely just a plus!

Hormonal plus.

Testosterone in the blood of men reaches its maximum concentration from 7-00 to 8-00 am. Biorhythms of sexual desire in men and women coincide completely twice a day – at 8 o’clock in the morning and at 8 o’clock in the evening. In these hours, male and female libido reach the same maximum. This is the best time for sexual contact, as the organisms of both partners burn because of energy. Toward the beginning of the day, a man and a woman are loaded with quality and energy, so the sex might be more extraordinary and better than at night. Morning sex gives a charge of energy for the entire day. Endorphins get delivered amid sex. Also, these are the hormones of joy!