The best unusual places to do sex

Where else can you do sex, if it seems to you that you have tried everything? Sex is worth doing it even more often. It becomes more desirable in unusual places.

So, what are the unusual places for sex?

Sex in the hospital

If you are sick, then why not to have sex right in the hospital? Moreover, doctors, in general, should know that sex has a positive effect on health. If doctors do not like it then there are many other hospitals and other unusual places where you can have sex.

Sex in a boat

This unusual place for sex is presented as a counterbalance to sex on a yacht. The yacht, of course, is luxurious, but sex in a simple wooden boat is also very romantic. Just take care in advance to avoid falling overboard.

Sex in front of the open window

Maybe you want to have sex when there is a chance that people may see you. But not on the street – because if you get caught, you will have to pay a fine. So, do it in front of the open window. It would be better to do it not at home, but and somewhere in the hotel.

Sex on the job

Sex in the office is one of the most popular fantasies for both men and women. Scattered documents, thrown jacket, broken phone, and you love each other. Beautiful, is not it?

Sex in a car

What? Public place? Yes, but if the car is toned, and you do not make too loud sounds, then nobody knows about it.

Sex on a wedding

At your own wedding is very common, but on someone else’s it is even very unusual. Dances, drinks, and good mood – what else do you need for a night of love?

Sex in the toilet

If you decide on this, then first you have to find out where this toilet is. If it is clean and luxurious, with the floors laid out with red tile and with mirrored walls then it is a good place to have sex.